lidar draws backwards.
subtract theta from two pi
to draw correctly

Broken code

you pushed broken code,
problems for all who have pulled,
mass panic ensues.


neural networks are
all the rage, include to win
all of the awards

Git message

Spend time thinking of
Constructive commit message
Shame no one reads them

New swerve zero

first enter test mode
then rotate wheels to zero
y on swerve control


use xbox control,
but the robot drives reversed
flip the x and y.


machine next to bridge.
bridge smokes and bad connection.
buy another bridge.


admin at one dot
nine two dot two is where you
want to ssh


mech always delays.
nonexistent testing time.
a controls problem.


sometimes I wonder,
“A life without GRT?
I would have more time.”


controls carries team.
machining when no one is.
we are really great.

Zero swerve

connect to robot,
open the Phoenix Tuner.
it’s time to self test